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21 June 2020 @ 09:03 pm

Please note, my livejournal is Friends Only.
If you want to friend me, please just leave a comment so I know and can friend you back.

Have you been staring at the center of my livejournal header, trying to figure out what on earth is written there? Ah, well, I shall tell you! It is a lovely poem written by the very talented Alzyran:

A wanderer am I,
A fiddler on the path.
And on the path I tread,
To play perchance a tune
May to make you cheer or laugh.

An autumn day it was,
A fine grey afternoon.
And chanced upon me sudden,
A man with beard of grey,
And stopped me wanting for a tune.

“The trees have given up
“And given up have I.
“I’m aged and lame of foot,
“My bones ache, aye, they do.
“You, play my dirge for soon I’ll die.”

At such a dismal plea,
I could not help but laugh,
And so rejoined, “I’ll play
“No dirge in autumn while glad
“The faces are along the path.”

Said he, “If nay you say,
“Then play me a lament.
“For youths these days are all
“At play and I have long forgot,
“The frolics of youth and content.”

Replied I, wond’ring if
Grey beards all were forlorn,
“I can’t lament today no,
“The trees would laugh at such
“A tune. Oh no, I cannot mourn.”

Then sighing gruff, the old
Curmudgeon trudged away,
Leaving me to walk alone
To amble on the path,
And whistle ‘til the end of day.

For, wanderer am I,
A fiddler on the path.
And on the path I tread,
To play perchance a tune
Mayhap to make you cheer or laugh.


The gorgeous friends only banner was made by the lovely mlledefer.
The enchanting poem was written by the wonderful Alzyran.
The beautiful Final Fantasy VII mood theme was made by the talented yuffie_kisaragi
The header I made from photography from/by the following:
The fairy: from here.
The pathway: from here.
The fiddler: from here.
The grass banner I also made but from a photgraph from here.
And a thank you to ladyithildielfor pointing me in the right direction on how to put up my lj header. :)