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15 May 2020 @ 01:28 am
Adalia_Jean's Journal  


I took one look at my livejournal, and realized how unbelievably chaotic, confusing, and disorganized it was.
So, I have revolutionized my journal!

The purpose of this particular post is to explain briefly the posts you will see below and throughout my journal:
In the unmoving posts below, there are links to organizations that will either help you find help for yourself or find out how you can help others and the causes with which you can get involved. Also, unless I have friended you and we are mutual friends, you will only see other posts of the same sort. (*cough* Well, I'm not entirely done re-organizing just yet...)

So, then, perhaps I should tell you what I post about the most, about what you are most likely to find in my journal should you friend me (as my bio page is completely useless with this piece of information)
1)Things I am passionate about (such as the post of links and causes below).
2)Movies and anything dealing with them--lots and lots of movie trailers.
3)Things that randomly interest me.
4)Lots of videos and pictures in general.
5)Complain--just let it all out! And here is where I oftentimes vent.
6)My beliefs (more in my bio on that).
7)Things I want to do in my life. Places I want to see. My dreams, my aspirations, etc.
8)Everyday life--though not so much anymore.
9)Profound ponderings. I wish I could be profound all the time, but clearly, that does not happen.
10)And somewhat lately, I have been posting article about certain news events (such as the Green Revolution in Iran).
11)Communicate with friends (I also hope one day to use this as a source of communication with some family members once when I move away, but we shall see...)

But most of all, this journal is for my absolute amusement and pleasure.
So, if you think I am cool, you are quite wrong. ;D

MomGonagallprincess_lesa on October 28th, 2009 12:29 am (UTC)
I enjoy the new moon and music posts. :)