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29 November 2008 @ 01:39 am

I was thinking about how man has so much power. We have not claws nor talons nor sharp teeth. We were born with no heightened senses nor with any form of natural weapon as the animals and beasts of the earth have. Yet, we reign in dominion over them all. Man, in his heart, is proud and believes himself to be so mighty.

Yet when man stands on the edge of the ocean, the waves lapping at his feet, a wave may swell and suddenly crash against him and knock him over, sending him head over heels to sprawl, lying face down in the sand. So mighty man is overpowered by a mere wave. A wave is more powerful than he.

And yet, a small swell of a wave is such a small thing displaying power. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, lightning, thunder. Think of them. What power they possess! And man so powerless against all such forces.

Yet God is even more powerful than all this, his creation. MORE POWERFUL THAN ALL THIS!
Have you felt a wave crash against you, knocking your feet from beneath you? Have you seen a tornado rip houses from the ground? Have you watched hurricane winds blow away everything away to leave a barren place in its wake? Have you felt the ground rumble and shake beneath your feet? All so powerful. Yet God is more powerful than all this!

Man is so feeble in mind to believe that he is the greatest and most powerful being in existence. Yet, look at the wave. But a small wave may overwhelm him. And how much greater and more powerful is God than a wave!

But the greatest thing of all this: that all powerful God is not without mercy. His unconditional love is boundless, and His wisdom infinite.

Wow. Just wow. It blows my mind.

So, remember the waves.